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Using Student Preview -- Alternative to your Pretend Student Account

Using Student Preview -- Alternative to your Pretend Student Account

Every EKU instructor has a "pretend student" account, automatically enrolled with the true students. This account has a username formed by prefixing a zero to the instructor's ordinary username, so that Howard Smith's pretend student account is 0smithh. The password for the pretend student account is the last four digits of the instructor's Social Security number. We provide this account so that instructors can always obtain the same view as their students and participate in all the same ways.

Since August 2015, EKU's Blackboard system includes an alternative path for instructors to see the student's perspective. At the top right of the Bb page inside a course, instructors can click a gray cyclic icon that opens the course in Student Preview mode.

While in Student Preview mode, an orange bar across the top of the page informs you that "Student Preview mode is ON," with a button at the right end to "Exit Preview." You can perform all course operations as a student, and any restrictions you have placed will be in effect.

This operation creates a student account among the "Users." It is intended primarily for temporary use, so that when you click to "Exit Preview," the default choice is to delete this extra account and all of its data. The next time you enter Student Preview mode, the account will be created again, and so on. If you choose the option to KEEP the Student Preview account, it stays among your Users as an ordinary student, and appears in the Grade Center with your surname and the word Preview. Note that you cannot log in to Blackboard with this account, nor shift from one course to another while using it. EKU Online Learning recommends using your EKU pretend student account for interactions with external sites (Campus Pack, Cengage, Macmillan, McGraw-Hill, Pearson, Tegrity, etc.).

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