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Test Timer

The Set Timer Option allows you to set an expected completion time for an exam. You will find this feature under Test Options > 2. Test Availability.


set timer options in a Blackboard Test


Clicking the Set Timer checkbox enables the feature and gives you  two options:

  1. Indicates the amount of expected completion time.
  2. Turns Auto-Submit either On or Off: 
  • Turning Auto-Submit ON will cause an exam to be automatically submitted after the expected completion time has elapsed. 
  • If the option for Auto-Submission is OFF, then tests that are submitted beyond the ending time are identified in the Grade Center with an exclamation point. You may then view the the amount of time the student took when you view the attempt. You may use this setting to give students who need accommodation extra time, knowing that Blackboard records their total time to complete the exam.


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