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Test Options Overview

You can control certain important behaviors  in the Test Options portion of a test. You may select these options (or use the defaults) before deploying a test in Blackboard, but can change them any time after you have created your test.

Note: changing these options while a test is available and usable by students may cause problems.


Option 1. Test Information

  1. Name - Self explanatory. Required field.
  2. Description - A short description of the exam.
  3. Open Test in New Window. Self explanatory. Some web browsers may handle the test opening in a new window in different ways.

Option 2. Test Availability

Test availability contains several important options:

image showing the test availability interface in Bb


  1. Make the Link Available - Makes test visible and available to students.
  2. Add a New Announcement for this Test - If you select Yes, Blackboard will automatically create an Announcement that the test is available.
  3. Multiple attempts - If checked, it will allow the student to take the exam the number of times you specify
  4. Force completion: In general, you should not use this option
  5. Set Timer - Sets expected completion time. Please see the following notes:
    • Selecting this option also records total elapsed time for this Test, for each student's attempt.
    • Students will be notified about the timer before they begin the Test.
    • Students will see a one-minute warning as the expected completion time approaches.
    • If the option for Auto-Submission is OFF, then tests that students submit beyond the ending time are identified in the Grade Center with an exclamation point. As you are reviewing the tests, you will be able to see  how much time the student took.
    • You can instruct students who may need accommodation for extra time to keep working past the one-minute warning message. Blackboard will record the total time that has elapsed.
  6. Display After/Display Until - Allows test to become automatically available or unavailable based on the dates you provide.
  7. Password - Requires a password to access the test.

Option 3. Due Date

Sets a due date and time for the exam. Students may not take the exam after the date and time you select.

Option 4. Self-Assessement Options

  1. Include this Test in Grace Center Score Calculations - Creates a Grade Center column and ties this into class grades.
  2. Hide Results for this Test Completely from Instructor and Grade Center - Completely hides and makes test results anonymous.

Option 5. Test Feedback  - Allows you to select multiple forms of feedback for this test.

Option 6. Test Presentation

  1. All at Once/One at a time  - Allows you to present all test questions on the screen at the same time or question-by-question.
  2. Prohibit Backtracking - Prevents changing the answer to a question that has already been submitted.
  3. Randomize Questions - Randomize questions for each Test attempt.
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