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Save Bb Course Files to My Content or to your computer

The following steps will let you save all of the DOCUMENTS from a Blackboard site to a location in the My Content area of Blackboard, or to your own computer. The set of DOCUMENTS includes files, with extensions like .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, .rtf, .jpg and .txt. This process WILL NOT CAPTURE any "ITEMS" or "ANNOUNCEMENTS" or "ASSIGNMENTS," etc., created inside Blackboard.
  1. Go to your course Control Panel and under Packages & Utilities, select Move FIles to Course Files.
  2. Check the box labeled "Selecting this option . . .," and then click Submit. (You do not need to select a Destination.)
  3. Soon you will receive an email message confirming that this process is complete. The system has placed all of the FILES in your course into a new folder. To see the results, click the words "My Content" on the course menu, and then (below those words) click the Course ID for the site you are viewing (the top entry). A folder with that Course ID and the words "Imported Content" will be shown. You can click into that folder to see how the file structure has been preserved.
  4. On the page for "My Content," check the box in front of the folder labeled ". . . Imported Content . . . "
  5. To place those materials in the Blackboard system, where you can find them anytime, click the button labeled "COPY." This opens a new dialog page where you "Browse" to an appropriate destination. On the Browse Content Collection window, at the top left, rest your cursor over the Browse menu, and then select MY CONTENT. The window will change to show the "Location" with YOUR USERNAME. Check the check mark to the right of your username and then click Submit. On the Copy page, the "Destination" line will now show /users/username. Ignore the box labeled "If selected . . ." Click Submit and your folder will be copied to your own storage space in Blackboard.
  6. Alternatively, to get those documents onto your own computer, with the ". . . Imported Content . . . " folder checked, click the "Download Package" button, and choose to Save that file. This places a .zip archive on your computer, probably in the Downloads folder. You can then unzip that archive and find the files in the same folder structure as they existed on Blackboard.


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