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Quick Fixes

The following steps will help resolve many problems quickly:


1.     Try “the other browser.” If you are using Internet Explorer, see if the problem resolves by using Firefox or Google Chrome, and vice versa. Likewise, Mac users can switch to and from Safari, Firefox, or Google Chrome.

We find that using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox gives the best user experience for most tasks.

2.     Which browser should I use for Blackboard?

*  EKU tries to support all current versions of the most popular browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Apple Safari) as they exist on Windows and Macintosh systems. We especially encourage users to prefer Firefox for Blackboard, because that program has demonstrated the greatest overall compatibility with Blackboard’s features, on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

* You want to strike a balance between updating your web browsers and having a browser that is compatible with Blackboard. Updating is important to guard against security threats, yet updating can potentially cause compatibility problems with Blackboard. Our advice is to not take a browser update right away unless there is a compelling reason and to make sure you use a good antivirus/anti-malware program that is updated regularly.

* You can review Blackboard’s official list of supported browsers.


3.     Clear your browser’s cache (“temporary files”)

*  In Firefox, if you have the orange Firefox button, click it and go to History and choose Clear Recent History, otherwise, go to Tools and then Clear Recent History

*  Choose Everything for the ‘Time Range to Clear’

*  Make sure the box next to Cache under Details is checked

*  Click the Clear Now button.

*  Close the browser and open it again.

*  In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options, and under the General Tab look for Browsing History.

*  Click the Delete button and then make sure that Temporary Internet Files and Cookies boxes are checked, then choose Delete.

*  Click OK then close Internet Explorer and open it again.

4.     Mac Users: In order to watch Windows Media Viewer files, it is recommended that you install a free piece of software called Flip4Mac.

*  You can get this software from Once you have gone to this site, look for the red word FREE and then click GET NOW.

5.     Search BbHelp using keywords for subjects that you are trying to find help.

*  For instance, if you need help with discussion boards, try using the keyword ‘discussion’ to find all help regarding that particular topic.

If you call the help desk to report a problem, please tell us if you have tried these suggestions first.

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