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Preparing to Send Files In Blacboard

When I am ready to send a file to my instructor what rules must I follow?

  • File names contain only letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores.  It is always a good idea to include your last name in the filenames.
  • File names must NEVER contain spaces, number signs, parentheses, apostrophes, slashes, dollar signs, brackets, or any punctuation marks except a single period.
  • The single period is always followed by the correct “extension” such as .doc or .txt that helps Windows computers to identify which program will open the file.
  • Most programs now attach the extension automatically when saving a new file; Macintosh users may need reminding to make sure their software adds it.
  • For best results with “typed” documents exchange files in the following formats (only):
    • Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx extension)
    • Rich Text Format (.rtf extension)
    • Plain Text (.txt extension)
  • Note: Files created with other Microsoft programs such as Excel and PowerPoint are transmitted easily and reliably through Blackboard.  However, files in WordPerfect (.wpd) or Microsoft Works (.wks, .wps) formats are not suitable for transmission through Blackboard. You may still use Works or WordPerfect, but you must remember to save your files into one of the acceptable formats, through FILE – SAVE AS, before it is sent to instructor. By clicking “Save,” the file is transmitted to your system and can be worked on outside the Internet browser.
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