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Making Tests With Existing Questions

It is easy to bring questions in blocks from question pools, or individually from prior tests.


  1. In any content area, Mouse over Assessments and click Tests, and then click Create.
  2. Name the new test,  add a description and instructions if desired, and then Click Submit.
  3. Under Reuse Question, you may perform the following options"
    1. Create Question Set - Question Sets are groups of questions that can be presented in a random fashion determined by the instructor.
    2. Create Random Block - A Random Block is a group of questions retrieved from a Question Pool. Questions are randomly retrieved from the selected Question Pool based on the question type and the number of questions available in the selected pool.
    3. Find Questions - Find questions to add to a test with the option of either copying them or linking them, which applies changes made to the question if the original is modified.

Question Sets

Instructors can create a Question Set by searching and selecting questions, determining the number of points per question, and then choosing the number of questions to display to the student. If the number of questions to be displayed is less than the list of questions (example: 3 out of 50), then the questions are randomly distributed so that each user may be viewing a different set of three questions. The Instructor can choose to display the same questions to all users by selecting all the questions listed.

Browsing Criteria

Use the drop-down lists to search for questions based upon the following criteria:

  • Pools
  • Tests
  • Question Types
  • Categories
  • Topics
  • Level of Difficulty 
Criteria Summary

As criteria are selected from the Browse Criteria section, Blackboard displays the questions in a table. The selected criteria are displayed as ain a list above that table reminding you what you selected.

Selected Questions

Blackboard adds each question you select from the Criteria Summary table to this list. Use the Show List/Hide List toggle to display the list of selected questions. Questions may be removed from the list by clicking the X icon next to the question.



Random Block

  1. Select a pool.

    random block question pool window


  2. Select the question types to include, if desired (for example true/false and matching).

    the random block question type options


  3. Click Submit.
  4. Back in the Test Canvas, enter the number of points per question and the number of questions to display to the user.

    test canvas options for setting point values and number of questions to pull from the given pool



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