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Importing a Single Test From Another Course

Sometimes you may only want to import a singe test from an old course. Blackboard contains an easy feature to accomplish this task.

Exporting the Test

  1. Go to your "old" course and under Course Management, click Course Tools, and then click Tests, Surveys, and Pools.
  2. Click Tests and place your mouse over the test you wish to export.
  3. Click the down arrow just to the right of the name of the test and then click Export to Local Computer.
  4. Depending on the web browser you are using, you will either be prompted to save the ZIP file, or the file will download to your default download location. Please make a note of the location.

Importing the Test

  1. Go to the "new" course and  under Course Management, click Course Tools, and then click Tests, Surveys, and Pools.
  2. Click Tests and then Click Import Tests from the menu above the current list of available tests.
  3. Click Browse My Computer and find the ZIP file that corresponds to the test you would like to import.
  4. Click Submit. The test should now be imported into your list of tests.


Note: This does not actually deploy the test. See Creating a Basic Test for more information.

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