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Handling Extra Credit

When you want to allow students to get "extra credit" on a test, you must plan to assign those points to one or more particular questions. (There is no way to fool Bb into treating a 110-point test as "only 100 points," except by designating 10 points as "extra credit.")

To do this, on a particular test:

  1. Go to the Test Canvas. You reach that page either from the link into the test, where the down-arrow menu includes "Edit Test," or by navigating to Course Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools > Tests, and then using the down-arrow menu on the item to select "Edit."
  2. At the top right of the Test Canvas, click Question Settings. In the section labeled Scoring, make sure the checkbox is selected to "Provide option to assign questions as extra credit."
  3. On the question(s) where you want to specify extra credit, click the "Points" box at the far right. Doing so reveals a new dialog box:
  4. When you select Extra Credit, and then click Submit, the Total Points reported at the top of the Test Canvas will be adjusted so that the extra credit points are not included in that total. (Students' scores will accumulate correctly.)
  5. When a student takes the test, the point values for the selected question(s) also display "Extra Credit."
    -- so you may want to use the test's Instructions box to explain that the questions labeled this way are simply added to the total score.

That's the way to do it. You can't change the number of Points Possible directly in the Grade Center, so you must modify the Test Canvas so that some question(s) are counted as Extra Credit.


  • This gives you a path to create a "zero-point" test, allowing students to earn points that will be accumulated on top of the total "points possible" elsewhere in the course. (Create the test and assign the extra credit option to each question.)
  • This can be done only regarding individual QUESTIONS on the Test Canvas. You cannot assign extra credit to a Random Block or Question Set.
  • You can change the extra credit setting even after students have taken a test, and Bb will adjust the Grade Center calculations.
  • There is no way within Blackboard to place a condition on earning the extra credit; the designated questions are automatically open to all of the students.
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