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Examity (Remote online test proctoring)

Examity is a remote proctoring service, intended primarily to authenticate students and monitor online tests at remote locations (including students' homes).

Students must have a webcam, and must be using a computer with an ordinary monitor display (i.e., a desktop or a laptop). Examity cannot work with mobile devices (phones or tablets).

When a test is set up for Examity proctoring:

  1. The student must have a profile of identifying information stored with Examity. To do this, the student clicks a link in Blackboard to connect to Examity (from the Tools page inside the course site), and then fills in some online forms and uploads an image of a driver's license or other official ID (containing a photograph).
  2. To set up the time for the test session, the student clicks the same Blackboard link to Examity, and creates an appointment. As part of this process, the student submits credit card information to pay for the proctoring. The cost to the student, as of September 2014, is $17.50 for a one-hour session of full proctoring, with additional hours charged at $5.00 each. Lower fees apply if the instructor selects a lower-intensity level of proctoring.
  3. At the scheduled time, the student opens the course site in Bb, clicks Tools, and then clicks the Examity EKUSSO link.
  4. The remote proctor -- a live person -- converses with the student, establishing the student's identity and going over the rules governing the test environment.
  5. Examity begins recording both the student's webcam and the student's monitor display. The proctor directs the student to use the webcam to capture the entire work area.
  6. When all the conditions are satisfactory, the student goes to the test in Blackboard (as usual) and begins.
  7. As the student works, the remote proctor observes the activity via the webcam and the student's monitor. Depending on the level of service selected by the instructor, the proctor can be watching continuously or randomly.
  8. When the test is over, the proctor and student end the session.
  9. Examity stores the recording and posts any "alerts" to the instructor's Examity dashboard.

Note -- The student's test is taken "inside Blackboard," and Examity does not interact with the Blackboard site in any way except to recognize eligible students. The test score, etc., always remains entirely in Blackboard.

You can post this link to inform students about Examity's technical requirements:

How an instructor sets up Examity proctoring:

  1. The instructor must contact the EKU IT service desk (859-622-3000) to specify the course (in Blackboard) for which tests will be proctored. (Examity has to know "which courses" will use the service, in order to gather the relevant students' names and Blackboard usernames.) Two weeks' advance notice is required, to get a course site listed with Examity. After a course site is listed the instructor controls which tests are to be proctored.
  2. The instructor must enable the Examity "tool" inside the Blackboard course site. This is done from Customization > Tool Availability; on that page, locate Examity EKUSSO, check its box (in the "Available" column), and click Submit. This places the Examity EKUSSO link on the Tools page inside the course site.
  3. On the main Tools page for the course, the instructor clicks the Examity EKUSSO link. This opens the instructor's dashboard at Examity. (Note that if the instructor sees an error message about not being authorized, he/she must contact the IT service desk to specify a course.) Here is Examity's "Quick Guide for Instructors":
  4. The instructor uses the links on the Examity dashboard to "add a test," specifying all of the conditions to be followed for the students' sessions, including the level of proctoring.
  5. The instructor tells the students to use the Examity link to schedule their appointments to take the test. Here is a page from Examity you could use for suitable announcements: The same information, modified apppropriately, could be included in your course syllabus.

Note -- The test link inside Blackboard is NOT directly connected to Examity, nor does Examity control it in any way. There is no way to require an Examity connection before the test is opened. Students must be directed to open the Examity EKUSSO link BEFORE they begin the actual test. This instruction can be placed in the "Description" for the test link.

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