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Creating a Question Pool

  1. Click Course Management > Course Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools.

    image displaying location ot tests, surveys and pools in the Course Administration Menu

  2. Click Pools > Build Pool.
  3. Name the pool and then provide a description and instructions if desired.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. You are now taken to the Pool Canvas, which works almost exactly the same as a Test Canvas if you are creating all questions from scratch.
  6. You may also find questions from other tests and also other Question Pools through a feature called Find Questions:
    1. Click Find Questions to launch the Find Questions Tool.

      Find Questions Tool Interface


    2. Notice that you may search through Pools, Tests, Question Types. Categories, Topics, Levels of Difficulty, and Keywords if you have provided information about these settings as you created these questions previously. There is also a search field to look for specific words within each question.
    3. Click the check box to the left of each question you would like to import into your new pool and then click Submit.
    4. Back in the Pool Canvas you have the opportunity to review the questions, assign different point totals, and search for specific questions based on words contained in the question.
    5. If you are satisfied with the questions in the Pool, click Submit.
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