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Controlling Printing of Blackboard Tests

You can stop students from printing a test through the web browser by adding a special code to the Instructions area of the Test Information page.

Please realize that no practical way exists  to stop students from saving test questions from an unmonitored online exam. There are too many ways to capture information on the screen that we cannot control.


  • Open the Test Information page from the Test Canvas, by clicking the down arrow next to the title of your test.
  • Very important step: On the box for Instructions, look on the toolbars for the "HTML" button and click it, to open the HTML Code View window.
  • Copy-and-paste the following line into the HTML Code View window:
    <script language="javascript" src=""></script>
  • At the bottom of the HTML Code View window, click to "Update" your work.
  • Add any other instructions you desire, and then click Submit to save your changes.
  • After you deploy the test, use your pretend-student account to check that your controls are working as you expect.
  • If you come back to the Test Information page, to make changes to the Instructions area, be sure to open the HTML Code View window to check that the special code is still there. If you see the words "Please do not copy or print this page" in the Instructions, or if you look at the HTML Code View and notice the word "defer" inside the special code, replace the entire line with a fresh copy from above.
  • With that line in place, students will be unable to print or copy the test questions through their browser software.
  • If you (as instructor) want to print the test, you must delete the script from the Instructions. (To do this, you must open the HTML Code View window.)
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