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Controlling the My Courses and My Organizations Lists

Personalizing the My Courses and My Organizations Lists

YOU can control the list displayed on the My Courses and My Organizations modules. You can select which items are displayed, and the order in which they appear. The steps below will help you set your lists as you prefer. But you must remember that "hiding" an entry for a course has no effect on your official registration in that course, and "hiding" an entry for an organization has no effect on your enrollment in that site. As long as you are enrolled in a course or organization you will continue to receive email sent through that site, regardless of your choices for the My Courses and My Organizations modules.

To personalize what's displayed on My Courses, or on My Organizations:

  1. Look for the "gear" icon on the top bar of the module. Your cursor must be placed over the module for the "gear" icon to be revealed. Click the gear icon to open the Personalization page.
  2. On the Personalization page, un-check the boxes for entries you want to hide. (Note that you can return to the Personalization page anytime, to change your selections.)
  3. At the left margin, each entry has a double-arrow "slider" which you can use to drag the entries into the order you prefer.
  4. When you are finished, be sure to click Submit to record your changes.

Students: DO NOT USE THE PERSONALIZATION PAGE OPTIONS AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR OFFICIALLY DROPPING A CLASS. The Personalization page is merely a convenience feature to select the courses and organizations you visit most frequently. To get yourself permanently disenrolled from a Blackboard site, contact the course instructor or organization leader.

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