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Campus Pack 4

What is Campus Pack?

Campus Pack is a new product designed to help streamline integration of Wikis and Blogs into your Blackboard Course or Organization. For several years, EKU’s Blackboard has used the “Journal” and “Teams” tools from Learning Objects. The company has now collected those tools under the general name “Campus Pack,” and you will see this name in the Tools area of your Blackboard courses. Inside the content areas of your courses, look under the “More” menu to find the links to “Add Blog” and “Add Wiki.”

The Blogs and Wikis from Campus Pack are useful for creating student progress journals, class notebooks, group projects, photo collections and much more. They have some similarity to the tools provided by Blackboard (accessed through the “Collaborate” menu) but offer many more features for customization, presentation and assessment.

What’s New in Campus Pack?

  • Instructors now have the ability to create batch Blogs and Wikis for individual students as well as groups from the creation page without having to go back and set permission afterward!
  • Batch assignments of Wikis and Blogs also allow you to create a Master Copy that you can set up and show to students only when you are ready to do so.

Campus Pack Best Practices

  • Remember that Campus Pack Journals are for you to use for “private” responses/conversations with individual students rather than the more typical and classic Discussion Board.
  • If you are using group projects, create your Blackboard Groups before you set up wikis and/or blogs for them.
  • Please explain to your students that they need to be very conscious of file space limitations. Photos within wikis and blogs are extremely popular, but files directly from digital cameras or high resolution pictures from the internet are NOT of a suitable size for sharing through Campus Pack. Please try to observe a limit of 200Kb for a single photo. A handy site for resizing photos before uploading them to Campus Pack can be found at

Copying Wikis & Blogs with Course Copy for a new semester

  • So, a new semester is upon you and you’d like to copy your Wikis, Blogs, and/or Journals from Campus Pack along with your other material into the new course. But, how do you exactly do that? Take a look below…
    • Most instructors have placed their course wikis and blogs under either the Course Documents, Course Information, or Assignments buttons. That said, when you use Course Copy detailed at you would just choose those content items to copy over to the new course.
    • Once that is done, you’ll need to synchronize the wiki/blog/journal in order to interact with it. Since this is an exact copy, you may wish to recycle some or all of the content.
    • Click the Recycle option 
    • Simply check the boxes next to the content you don’t want and then click Recycle. This will remove the desired material from your “new” wiki/blog/journal.
    • Permissions carry over and are applied to the new course so you don’t have to worry about recycling them or having to reset permissions in the new course unless you just want to change things up a bit.

Quick Start Guide – Campus Pack and Blackboard

Personal Learning Space on Campus Pack

If your class is using Campus Pack Wiki’s, Blogs, or Journals, and your instructor has allowed it, go to Tools, then Campus Pack Collaboration Space. This will take you to the course space on Learning Objects. This will show you a limited list of the people enrolled in the course as well as any content that has been published in the course. You can also get to your Personal Learning Space (PLS) by clicking on your name in the Members box. Once you are inside your PLS, you will see all of the courses you are enrolled in that are using Campus Pack. By clicking on the Settings link, you can personalize this space by uploading a picture of yourself, changing the theme, etc.

Video Tutorials for Working with Campus Pack

Mini-Demo of Campus Pack

  • You MUST have FLASH installed to view this video. Get it HERE.

In-Depth Demo of Campus Pack

  • You MUST have FLASH installed to view this video. Get it HERE.


**All documentation provided by Learning Objects**



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