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Adding an Avatar Image (Personal Picture)

 A personal avatar is an icon that represents you in all of your Blackboard courses. It may help students and instructors better identify you in purely online classes, or you may want to simply display a picture of yourself.

  1. From the “My EKU” Page, find the Tools Palette, and then click Personal Information.

    Depiction of the Personal Information Panel on the My EKU Landing Page


  2. Next, click Personalize My Settings. Under Number 1: Avatar Image, Click Use Custom Avatar Image, and Click Browse My Computer.


  3. Find your picture on your computer.  If you want to use a picture of yourself, it is best to select a tight closeup, as the thumbnail image will be extremely small. Click the desired image, and then click Open.


  4. Back in the Personalize My Settings Window, Click Submit.


  5. You will now see a green banner at the top of the screen that indicates you successfully added an avatar image to your account.
  6. You can go back into Personalize My Settings to See the image. Personal Information Screen Where you can see the image displayed.
  7. The Avatar will appear in discussion boards, on lists inside groups, and a few other places inside Blackboard. Notice that the avatar is a very small thumbnail.

    The Avatar Image as it is displayed in a discussion board

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