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Adding and deleting users in your Blackboard Course or Organization

Adding Users

The steps to add instructors, teaching assistants and graders to your courses have changed as of April 2017, due to concerns about FERPA compliance.

Please request the addition of others to your Blackboard site through the IT service desk at 859-622-3000 or the Web form at

If you are responsible for enrolling users into organizations or special courses, contact the service desk to request this privilege.


Deleting Users

Course Instructors and organization Leaders have the power to delete users from their sites. Instructors should NEVER delete any Students from courses, because doing so completely erases all records of the students' activity. Students who are officially registered in a course will automatically be re-enrolled, continuously. Students who officially drop from registration are automatically hidden from the enrollments in the course, but their activity records are preserved and can be reviewed through contacting the Information Technology Service Desk.

To delete another Instructor or Leader, the targeted user's role must be changed to anything besides Instructor/Leader. (If you try to delete an instructor/leader without reducing the role, you will be told that you do not have permission to do it.) Begin the process from the list of Users. At the entry for the targeted user, click the down arrow and select Change User's Role in Course/Organization. Set the role to Student/Participant, or anything besides Instructor/Leader, and click Submit. Now the usual step to select Delete from that same down arrow menu will succeed.

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